Bhagavan Mahavir’s birth is traced back from his 27th life when he was a village elder and forester named Nayasar who was pious and compassionate and served some ascetics with great devotionRead More →

Neminath in his earlier incarnation was Shankh who was the eldest son of King Shrisen of Hastinapur. Once learning that there were some bandits terrorising the people in the highways, the King requested Shankh to go and punish them.Read More →

He was born to Queen Vipra Rani and King Vijay Raja of Mithila of the Ikshvaku dynasty on the eighth day of the dark half of the month of Shravan according to the Hindu calendar.Read More →

Kunthunath in his earlier incarnation was King Simhavaha of Khadgi town in Mahavideha area. He was highly religious and God loving. After some time he gave up his kingdom and took Diksha from Samvaracharya.Read More →

Shantinath in his previous incarnation was King Meghrath son of King Dhanrath of Pundarikini town in Mahavideha area. He was a very religious and pious king. It is said that even the Gods tried to test him by disturbing his meditations.Read More →