The culture and heritage of Andhra Pradesh is rich and varied in the fields of art, architecture, cuisine, literature, religion, philosophy, fairs and festivals. The handicrafts made by the artists and craftsmenRead More →

The illustration and transcription of religious manuscripts by tribes like Likhaks, Patuas and Khanikars gradually evolved into the Assam school of painting. The Assam School of painting was divided into Sattriya and Royal styles.Read More →

A form of painting unique to the Santhal region of India, the Jadupatuas are painted on scrolls depicting themes from the life of lord Krishna, the story of creation as narrated in the Santhal tradition, their dance and music and sometimes fearful images of death and life after death.Read More →

Jal tarang or jalatharangam is a melodic Indian percussion instrument where ceramic or metal cups or bowls are filled with water and tuned appropriately by the musician who will then strike the edge of the bowls with beaters one in each hand to produce waves of music.Read More →

Damru or damaru is the most common hour-glass drum played in India and adjoining nations like Tibet and Nepal.Read More →

Considered as one of the oldest Indian classical musical instruments, Bansuri is a special type of flute, made from a straight and flawless piece of bamboo.Read More →

Music in Bihar is very rich as its folk forms are varied and indigenous. The three main linguistic groups are Maithili, Magadhi and Bhojpuri with a wide range of regional dialects.Read More →

The music of Assam is influenced by the music of China, Myanmar and Thailand. The native music of Assam which includes the Bodo, Bihu, Mising and Karbi tribes are said to be structured and sung as per the Pentatonic scale of Chinese traditional music.Read More →