The word Satsanga is derived from two words, ‘Sat’ meaning the absolute i.e. ‘Brahman’ while ‘Sanga’ means ‘company’ or ‘union’. Thus, Satsanga refers to ‘being in the company of Brahman’.Read More →

The term satsang is coined from Sanskrit language, with ‘sat’ meaning “the ideal; pure and true essence” and ‘sang’ meaning “association”. Hence satsang promises association with one’s true essence.Read More →

The concept of karma and reincarnation based on Hinduism is amongst one of those knowledge treasures for which this religion is revered by the people of all religions and beliefs.Read More →

Archanam is one of the Nava Vidha forms of Bhakti where the bhakta worships the Almighty in a certain form. To the bhakta, the idol, picture of the Lord is not merely an idol or a picture, but a form in which the Lord lives.Read More →